Victor Hugo: Tomorrow, as soon as it is dawn
Jacques Delille: Imagination retraces the past, remakes everything that was

Victor Hugo: Written beneath a crucifix


You who weep, come to this God, for he weeps.
You who suffer, come to him, for he cures.
You who tremble, come to him, for he smiles.
You who pass, come to him, for he remains.

  [written in 1847 after the death of his beloved daughter in 1843]

                         --Victor Hugo (1802-1885)                  

Ecrit au bas d’un crucifix

Vous qui pleurez, venez à ce Dieu, car il pleure.
Vous qui souffrez, venez à lui, car il guérit.
Vous qui tremblez, venez à lui, car il sourit.
Vous qui passez, venez à lui, car il demeure.


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