Alfred de Musset: Nothing makes us as great as a great sadness
Henry Vaughan: They are all gone into the world of light

Thomas à Kempis: Thou hast here no abiding city


Do, do now, my beloved, whatsoever thou art able to do; for thou knowest not when thou shalt die, nor yet what shall befall thee after thy death.

Keep thyself as a stranger and pilgrim upon the earth, and as one to whom the affairs of this world do nothing appertain.

Keep thy heart free, and lifted up to God, because thou hast here no abiding city.

  --Thomas à Kempis (ca 1380-1471), Of the Imitation of Christ, Book I, ch XXIII. Translator unknown.

Age, age nunc charissime quidquid pro te agere potes, quia nescis quando morieris. Nescis etiam, quid tibi post mortem sequatur....

Serva te tanquam peregrinum et hospitem super terram, ad quem nihil spectat de mundi negociis. Serva cor liberum, et ad Deum sursum erectum, quia non habes hic manentem civitatem....




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