Leonardas Andriekus: Fill the emptiness of the skies with my grief
Saint Augustine: I wondered that other men should live when he was dead

Jurgis Blekaitis: That sad yet radiant knowledge


Your soul

When you died,
for several days the very depth of my eyes
was haunted by a dove,
white, restless, easily frightened.
No sooner did I catch a glimpse of it,
than it took wing, fluttered away,
and disappeared into the grayish twilight.
But my heart knew: It's you. Your soul.

And it was good - that sad yet radiant knowledge.
Autumn can be at times like that:
the quiet light, transformed to wisdom,
holds up to earth a sky wide open,
just like a mirror. And you can see the most minute
bud of emotion, quivering in your soul.
All is so clear it hurts:
the sky, the earth
and you yourself, lost in between,
yes, even death.

What you were I know and never shall forget:
A dove. White, easily frightened.

    --Jurgis Blekaitis (1917-2007), Lithuanian (translated by Vyt Bakaitis)


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i love this poem im doing this poem and this poet for my english assignment

Jurgis was born in 1917, not 1916.
For Dana Corkum: so nice to learn that you related to his poetry.
Grazina Blekaitis

Dear Grazina,

I love this poem too and several others of his that I have read. Thank you for the correction.

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