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Why does the Broken Chain poem appear showing no disclosed author?

I saw this poem in a book that was on a grave marker does anyone know where I can find one. It wasn't an expensive marker from a carol wright or something like that. Would love to find one for my Dad's family their family chain has linked full circle again would love to have it for his parents grave.

i saw this on a garden stone at Hillerman Nursery and i had to look it up on the internet. Our family lost our brother this past May and it's been hard to live life knowing he is gone. Quotes like these are a great comfort and i just wanted to let you know it touched my heart as i know it's touched many others. LIz

My name is Kelly Eveland and I found this poem a few years ago and I love it. I dedicated. It to my father when he passed away Feb 21, 2009. I read it at his funeral and just about six weeks ago I got it tattooed on the back of my right leg. Thank you so much for letting us love this poem.

Thank you Kelly. The poem is a great consolation for many people. I hope Mr. Tranmer sees your note.

Someone gave me a copy of this poem 18 years ago when my dad passed away. It truly helped me in my grieving.

This is my favorite poem when a loved one has passed on.

Found a stone with the last verse of the poem right after my mother passed. I bought it at a local street fair and marked the burial place of her ashes with it. I love it. Thank you

I lost my brother today and this doesn't seem the same.. I will be reading this at the funeral! This was the on the card my best friend had on his when he was only 18 just like my baby brother. I think this is a Beautiful poem. Rip Christopher Joseph Faller

So sorry to hear about your brother's dying so young. How sad. Will be thinking of you for the funeral. Best wishes to you and your family.

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